Registered, Road-Ready and Raring to Ride!

Sucked it up and sold the Ninja cheap on Monday because I wanted to transfer the plates and insurance over to the Beemer so we could ride this weekend. Transferred plates and ins yesterday, got a spare key made for the bike (as it only came with 1 key, but I was able to find blanks online) and got it inspected today. It’s fully road-legal and has a fresh tank of gas, and I am SO READY TO RIDE!

I rode up to Greater Boston Motorsports in Arlington to get the bike inspected. Riverside Motorsports is much closer to home – only about a mile away, in fact – but after what they did to the Ninja, they’ll never see a penny of my money ever again. And I DON’T want them touching my new baby. Plus, I’ve been aching to ride the bike again since I brought it home, and Arlington was a longer ride than Riverside… so that was my destination.

GBM inspection was fast and relatively painless, although I didn’t get the same inspection report that Riverside gave me for the Ninja. They just put a sticker on the plate. While I was there, I asked the parts department to order a ZTechnik V-Stream Touring Screen in Medium for my bike. Medium seems like it’s just about as tall as the Dakar windscreen (which, alas, won’t fit my bike – they changed the fairing and windscreen a bit in the ’05 to ’07 model) and I thought the wind protection on Masukomi’s bike worked well, so chose to go with that. It also wasn’t significantly wider than the stock, and I’ve found people saying they’re able to use it with handguards, which I intend to get, so it’s my windscreen of choice.

Amusingly, GBM had no effing clue about the ZTechnik windscreens. I hung out for 10-15 minutes while they checked out their catalogs (their catalogs were too old and didn’t have the model I wanted) and then while they looked online to find the part. They had to add it to their system, since it’s never been ordered before. The guy said that normally they request 50% down on an order like this, but because it wasn’t in their system, he wanted to make sure they could get it before they charged me – so now I’m waiting to hear back whether they can get it, or whether I should just go through one of the online dealers that makes it available in their catalog.

Got utterly lost riding the bike home, which is amusing, because I’ve ridden home from Arlington a bunch of times – but enjoyed the ride ever-so-much. It was a reminder of how much I LOVE this effing bike. It really is my dream bike. It’s perfect in every way. I love the way it handles, I love the way the engine sounds, I love the throttle and the gearing – this is a sweet effing bike. I put in a little over 2 gallons of gas – looks like I’m getting around 60MPG.

Sweet bike. I loves it. Can’t wait to ride it more. The weekend can’t come fast enough!

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