Photo Essay: Low-Siding the Ninja 250

Ever wondered what happens when you low-side a Ninja 250? Or why you occasionally see some motorcyclist wearing full gear on a local neighborhood ride? This is why.


Cracked windscreen, broken mirror and busted cowling

Front and Side

Damage to the right side of the bike

Front Brake Reservoir

Front Brake Reservoir

Turn Indicator

Right Turn Indicator - Busted

Right Muffler

Right Muffler Damage

Right Footpeg Bracket

Right Footpeg Bracket - Busted

So the bike needs some TLC on pretty much the entire right side. I need to replace the windscreen, front cowling, right mirror assembly, right turn indicator and the right footpeg bracket. The top of the brake fluid reservoir sheered off, sliding along the pavement, so I’ll need to replace that. Need to replace the brake lever. The bar end got all scraped up, but I probably won’t bother to replace it just now. Right muffler got scraped up, too, but it’s cosmetic. The front fork is a bit out of whack – I hope it’s just a simple adjustment, but it might be borked. The right handlebar assembly is loose, and I don’t know if that’s just a simple adjustment or if it will need more substantial work. I’m looking at probably at least $800 in damage to the bike, if not more. Kinda afraid to find out.

Me? Here’s what happened to my gear in the crash.

Right Knee

Right Knee

Left Knee

The outside of the left knee of the pants

Both Knees

Damage to Both Knees of the Pants

Pant Leg

Cuts in the Pant Leg Against Boots

Jacket Damage

Damage to the Right Elbow of the Jacket

Boot Damage

Right Boot

Right Glove

Right Glove

As you can see, my gear took a good bit of damage. The right knee of the pants is completely ripped out, but the armor did exactly what it’s supposed to do – protected my knee. My right knee is barely even bruised. Pants did a great job. The left knee armor shifted inward slightly in the crash. The impact when I rolled/slid tore the left side of the pants up a bit, and I have a small-ish patch of road rash on the outside of my left knee. My left knee is also very bruised. I’m less satisfied with the way the left knee held up in these pants.

I also saw when examining the pants today that there are cuts right through the bottom of the right pant leg, where I presume the pants covered my boot. The right boot is scraped along the impact zone, and one of the metal grommets has popped off. The right glove took a bit of a scrape on the back of the knuckle guards (I’m glad I have knuckle guards!) and a patch of the jacket melted where I impacted. The buttons also got a bit bent. But the jacket did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I only have some slight bruising on my right arm where I impacted (which really couldn’t be helped, given the way I low-sided.)

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the gear, although I’m disappointed with the knee armor shifting in the pants. I’m considering getting better pants with knee armor that wraps around more thoroughly to prevent shifting in impact. The right knee armor was the only thing that saved my knee from a trip to the ER, so it’s important to me to have pants where the knee armor is going to stay put.

Also, as an aside? Motorcycle pants are the single most neglected piece of gear that motorcyclists don’t bother to wear. And motorcycle pants are the only reason I didn’t have to go to the ER after my crash.

I’m convinced. You won’t catch me on a two-wheeled vehicle without pants, EVAR.

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