Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 Jacket – First Impressions

Today I got my Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 jacket. Keep in mind that this is my first motorcycle jacket, so I don’t exactly have a basis for comparison, but my first impressions are definitely favorable!

Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 Jacket


The road will show if it’s really effective, but the Joe Rocket 6.0 Meteor Jacket has a couple of Joe Rocket venting specialties: “Variable Flow™ ventilation system” and “Cross Linked Ventilation™ With Wind Tunnel Cooling Patent Pending.” I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean, but here’s what I see:

  • Vents on the top of each arm, toward the front. No way to hold these vents open, and the flap over the vents is velcro, so I don’t know how well they’ll stay open. But they should be in a good position, riding-position wise, so I’ll report on that after I’ve ridden in it.
  • Vents on the chest. The chest venting is really good. It has two long, vertical vents about 1.5-2 inches on either side of the zipper. Inside of these vents is a snap system – you essentially snap the bottom of the snap from one vent into the top of the snap from the other vent to hold both of these vents open across the chest. In theory, this looks like a great idea. No idea if it’ll stay snapped while riding.
  • Vents on the back. Two long, vertical vents on the back, roughly along either side of the back armor. These vents, too, have the snap system inside, so the bottom snap from one side seems to snap into the top from the other side, holding both vents open. Looks like a good design – no idea how well it will work in practice.


I’m really happy with the adjustability and fit of this jacket. I was worried because it’s a Men’s jacket, and I’m a chick – but I really can’t find women’s jackets that will fit me at this size. There are two velcro adjustments at the waist where you can cinch the waist, if need be, and each arm has two adjustable snap systems – one on the upper arm and one on the forearm. You can cinch the arms up to three snaps tighter, which takes inches off the arms, so you can really customize the fit.

The arms also have adjustable elbow pads. Essentially, there are two pockets in which you can put the elbow armor – one up high, and one a bit lower. I moved both pads to the high pockets and cinched the jacket a bit tighter in the arms and it seems to fit perfectly – the elbow pads are exactly where they should be. I really like this functionality.

There are also velcro closures at the wrist so you can cinch the wrists of your jacket tighter, if need be.

Waterproof Shell

The Joe Rocket jacket description says that the jacket is 100% waterproof, but doesn’t say if it’s a waterproof shell or a waterproof liner. I am happy to report that the liner is merely thermal – it’s the shell itself that is waterproof. I know that can lead to an unduly hot jacket, but the venting looks like it will keep me cool enough, even in a waterproof jacket. Again, can’t really tell until I ride in the heat (and won’t be able to comment on the waterproof functionality until I ride in the rain) but I like that it’s a waterproof shell and not the liner.


The liner is simply a liner. It’s fairly thin, and it zips into the jacket all the way around. It has velcro on the ends to attach the ends of the arms to the ends of the jacket. Because the liner is so thin, I’m not anticipating that the liner is going to keep me particularly warm, but this isn’t meant to be a ‘cold weather’ jacket anyway. The adjustability of the jacket gives me the flexibility to wear a layer underneath, if I need to, so I think this will be a decent 3-season jacket.


This is one area in which I was marginally concerned, because Masukomi is always telling me I should get 3/4 length jackets since the waist-length jackets will ride up in the riding position. I am happy to report that this jacket is a bit long – not as long as a 3/4 length, but long enough that it goes well past my lower back. I bent over into the riding position and the jacket was still resting below the top of my jeans. The jacket also has an 8″ zip attachment for Joe Rocket pants, so if I get Joe Rocket pants to go with it, I can zip them together, further negating the need to worry about the length. But I’m definitely satisfied with the length.


I’m surprised to say this, but I’m actually kind of happy with the styling. It’s obviously not a women’s jacket, but the blue, grey and black styling throughout the coat does break up the monotony a bit. If I were a guy, I’d probably think it’s pretty sharp. As a chick, I’m satisfied with it – I don’t feel like a complete schlub. It’s not great for visibility, though – has one tiny reflective piping sewn around the outline of the back. I’ll definitely be adding the Firstgear Military Spec Vest to the mix for visibility.

Overall Impressions

Granted, it’s my first motorcycle jacket so I don’t have a lot of basis for comparison, but I’m happy with this purchase overall. I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the adjustability and fit features, and the vent design looks like it should really help keep me cool (if the snaps work). In its price range, this jacket seems like a great blend of functionality and affordability. Design features are solid, though not revolutionary, and I feel comfortable with the protective features it offers. I’d buy this jacket again.

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