I have ordered my jacket!

I was poking around on eBay on Saturday and I saw a Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 jacket in a size that should fit me – for roughly a quarter of MSRP. I tried on a Joe Rocket jacket a week or two ago in the same size, and it was fine, so I’m hoping this one will fit. For the price, I couldn’t really resist.

Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket Meteor 6.0 Jacket

Masukomi says I should have ordered a different jacket, because this one is only a waist-length jacket (she’s a proponent of 3/4 length jackets) but with the price, I really couldn’t say no. I was hoping to get a Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket, but I was outbid on it – so this was sort of my backup.

Long story short, I won the auction this evening and just paid for it! Now I’ve ordered my second piece of gear! Yay!

In spite of the fact that it’s only a waist-length jacket, I’m excited about it. It’s waterproof (which I know will mean it’s not particularly breathable – I’ll have to find out how well the vents work) but it has padding in all the right places and should offer as much protection as a $200ish jacket can, so I’m satisfied with the purchase for now. We’ll see how I feel once I’ve worn it on the bike.

In other news, I still haven’t received a shipment notification on my Scorpion EXO-700 helmet, and I ordered it on Saturday. The website says it takes 48 hours to process orders, but it’s 10PM on Wednesday and the transaction hasn’t hit my bank account and I haven’t gotten a shipment confirmation. I did a little poking around online this evening and found some negative feedback about the company I ordered from (accepting orders for out-of-stock items, failure to notify customers, etc) so I called them this afternoon to make sure everything was OK with my order.

I got a guy on the phone, who put me on hold and then came back a few minutes later saying that he was having a problem with his computer. He asked if he could call me back, and took my number. He said he’d call me back in 10-15 minutes. Never did. I’m calling again tomorrow.

I’d be sad if I get the jacket before I get the helmet, but I’m vaguely worried about that at this point.

In other news, I also have a couple of bids out on eBay on pants (also Joe Rocket) and a tank bag, but those both still have like 4 days, so I have no idea if they’ll go above my price range.

I’m happy, though, to be getting gear!

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