Boots, Boots, My Kingdom for Some Boots

It’s beginning to look like I’ll have to trade my kingdom for a decent pair of motorcycle boots, and that has me discouraged for the moment.

Either there aren’t a lot of women’s motorcycle boots available, or I just don’t know the right places to look, but the women’s motorcycle boots I can find are either wicked expensive, or don’t offer the protection I want. (Especially after Masukomi mentioned some accident where some person got foot caught under bike dragged along at speed and toes ground off… YIKES! And she offered to show me pictures. Really. I’ll pass, mmmkaythanks.)

So yeah. Apparently I want boots with ankle protection and shin protection and toe and heel protection – like reinforcement so that if I get dragged along, and the boot surface wears off, the protection would protect my foot. Plus good protective boots would help prevent the foot or ankle getting twisted. And apparently a lot of good boots have reinforced soles to protect the ‘sensitive small bones of the foot’ and help reduce the pressure on your foot if you’re riding the pegs a lot, and ‘malleolus protection,’ which is apparently the bony protrusion on the outside of the ankle.

Yeah. There’s a lot to protect.

The women’s boots I saw before in my budgeted ‘$60′ did not provide this protection, I discovered. Women’s boots that do offer this degree of protection start around $225, and the boots I’d really like are the Sidi Vertigo Lei women’s boots for $300.

Well, guess what? My budget doesn’t have room for a $300 pair of motorcycle boots.

And yet, even more now that she’s described this ‘toe ground off’ scenario to me, I’m convinced that I MUST HAVE good foot protection.

So clearly something’s gotta give. Either I find yet more cash for good boots (although frankly, I’m not sure how I’ll find cash for all the other expenses) or I settle for lesser boots. I could probably go with men’s boots, because I do have wide feet and that seems to be the primary reason that women prefer women’s boots (narrow feet) so men’s boots might work fine for me. And there are more options, cheaper, in men’s boots, like these TCX Black Synergy WR Touring Boots for $125. Which is about double what I had budgeted, but at least $100 cheaper than comparable women’s boots.

Bah. All of this gear expense is really dragging me down about the idea of buying the bike. I joked “maybe I should buy the gear this year and get the bike next year” – because buying one piece of gear per month would be much more manageable for me, and there’s no reason to buy the Ninja and let it sit for a year because I can’t get the proper gear together.


But now I’m beginning to wonder if I can really make it happen this year.

And that makes me sad.

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